Chapters Indigo Bookstore Adopts Eagle View School

I would like to personally invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of our students at Eagle View Elementary by supporting us in the upcoming Indigo Adopt a School program.

Eagle View is excited to announce that we are Victoria’s downtown Indigo store’s “Adopt a School” recipient this year! This means that our library will be the benefactor of their in-store fundraising and additional community support through the online fundraising platform from September 18 – October 9.  Feel free to let your friends and family know about this great opportunity for our school when shopping at the downtown Indigo store.

Indigo’s fundraising goal for Eagle View Elementary is $7110.00!  This goal of $7110.00 is calculated on our current student population of 237 students, with the goal of 3 new library books per student at an average price of $10.00 per book.  That’s a possibility of 711 new books for our school! This would be an incredible addition to our library.

In addition to the in store fundraising there are two online options for fundraising at;

  1.  Book Bonus: Through the bonus book imitative for every 2 books donated (a total of a $20.00 donation), the Foundation will donate an extra book, up to 40 books!
  2. Alternatively, at no charge, Tell a Story, Give a Story will match an additional book for each featured story, up to 10 books!

Through the Indigo Adopt a School program all funds raised will go directly to Eagle View.   We are most appreciative to Indigo for their adoption of our school library.  Please visit the downtown Indigo store location or from September 18 to October 9, 2016 to support our library!