Being active is an important pillar at Eagle View Elementary and we understand that daily physical activity is key to one’s overall well being. Therefore, we promote and foster being active through a variety of activities and sports. Through fall and spring cross country, children in grades 3, 4, and 5 develop speed and endurance while running different distances over a variety of terrains. Fall soccer focuses on skill development as well as positive competition; students end the season with a Spectrum Family Elementary School Tournament. Through floor hockey, grade 3 students develop team play and cooperation. As the year moves on, children participate in basketball, swimming, and then, in May, track. Children also have the chance to play on house teams; as members of the Grizzlies, Sharks, Cheetahs or Stingrays, intermediate students have lunchtime fun. These many athletic events wouldn’t be possible without staff and parents who act as coaches, drivers and enthusiastic spectators!