School Hours

School Starts 8:45
Morning Recess 10:05–10:20
Lunch Recess 11:50–12:35
School Ends 2:37

Upcoming Events

Welcome Spring…we hope

The month of March is a time to say goodbye to winter, end our second term and head off for Spring Break.    Don’t forget to ‘spring forward’ 1 hour on March 10.  We have an ArtStart performance (Axis Theatre) on March 14. Term 2 comes to a close this… Read more

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Welcome to Eagle View

Eagle View Elementary is a community school where dedicated staff, committed parents and students work together. Student success is at the heart of our school. Children develop sound foundations in literacy and numeracy and acquire essential learning of key content, concepts, skills and big ideas in each subject area. They build core competencies in creative and critical thinking and become more confident as communicators. Students learn to care for each other by being cooperative, principled and respectful. As they mature, Eagle View students become more and more aware of their responsibilities as members of their families, the community, Canada and the world.

Eagle View staff understand that not all students learn in the same way or at the same rate. With this in mind, learning is flexible. Children are encouraged to develop curiosity through question-based approaches. They learn to appreciate diversity and equity.

At Eagle View, learning occurs every day in different ways: at play, in the classroom, in place-based learning through field trips and the outdoors, in extra activities. Children have the opportunity to participate in choir, drama, athletics and other activities. All of these interactive activities allow children to become well-rounded individuals who have the desire to learn throughout their lifetimes.

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